End hiatus. Begin resuscitation.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update to the The Uncommon Life. But that is about to change. Brace for re-entry.

For the past few years I’ve been full throttle on the business autobahn — primarily real estate investing. My focus in that area has been intense and the rewards immense. And speaking of rewards, I’m also now the father of beautiful 14 month-old girl named Kira (you can find her on Instagram).

Hectic it has been, but if you remember my previous writings, it’s always been my intention to create systems that support a full life that includes other wildly diverse interests. And a passion on that list is writing.

So, TheUncommonLife.com has been restored and also completely redesigned. We’re back in black!

There is a considerable amount of change — all centered around the theme of simplicity with a significant emphasis on the content. No frills, no fluff. Just good stuff.


You may be wondering:

Q: What is a “wonderlust”?
A: It’s an intellectual wanderlust – a person whose curiosity knows no bounds. Is this an “official” word? Most likely not (and I quite like how this fact adds to the great mystery we call life). Anyone who knows me personally also knows that I’m a very curious person. Like so many young children, I too have a predilection for “Why?” and “Why not?” These questions — and many more — sustain my mental meanderings down uncharted bunny holes of thought … Some of which, I feel, is worth putting in writing.

Q: What’s story behind the logo?
A: When I designed the logo I wanted to replace the “common” expectation to see the word “common” written out in letters (yawn). As a creative alternative, I used a symbol that represents the essence of the word “common.” In this case, a barcode. A barcode is an indicator of something mass produced, bought & sold – a common commodity, which is everything a wonderlusting human being is not. Fun fact: If you pull out your handy barcode scanner, you’ll see the code will read “common.”

Q: What’s new with you?
A: I’ve updated my bio in the About page if you’d like to have a look. 


While the last few years have been demanding, chaotic, and tiring, they have also been phenomenally productive. As a result I’ve come out wiser — well, at least a lot more experienced. I may not have done much writing, but the learning and certainly the thinking (for which there is no known kill switch) has not stopped, let alone slowed. So not surprisingly, I already have a line up of new content and ideas ready to share.

It feels different

You will notice if you compare content from this point forward to previous posts that the tone and style of the writing has changed a little bit. I think this is a good thing. I am happy with the new direction and overall trajectory of my thinking and writing. While I do like continuity in my projects, such consistency is near impossible to maintain in writing — especially with content extracted from personal and emotional caches deep in one’s mind. And frankly, I’d be disappointed if my style remained exactly the same over so many years. No change means no growth.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the new TUL site, the content, and the writing style. I also hope you decide to join (or simply remain part of) the community as we enter a new chapter. It will be fun – and certainly thought-provoking.


Uncommon Musings

Finally, be sure to check out the newly added element to the site: Uncommon Musings. Many people ask me about what I’m reading, products I’m experimenting with, tools I use frequently, and much more. I share these “musings” and a bunch of other cool stuff there so be sure to check it out.

In the meantime…

Stay uncommon,

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you in the comments section below. For new & different content, let's meet here:

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