In a world of perpetual information and beloved spam, I believe two things increase in value:

  1. Insightful, practical, and applicable knowledge
  2. Personal time

My pledge is to offer the first and respect the second.  And maybe even create more of the latter.

This blog was NEVER intended to be a platform for narcissistic rambling. I imagine you care little about the contents of my lunch or the passing of my pet iguana (don’t worry, I don’t have one).

I created this blog with the objective of offering thoughtful content to help others lead an exceptional life outside the confines and monotony of the status quo.  Thus, if you’re content with taking orders, avoiding risk, working a 9-5, participating in corporate politics, and keeping up with the Jones’, then this blog is simply not for you. However, if part of you believes there is much more to life (I assure you, there is) then we’re likely kindred spirits.

This blog is for you if:

  • You desire more freedom to do what you want, where you want, when you want
  • You want to eliminate excessive stress
  • You wish to expel unnecessary obligations to create more personal time
  • You believe that working smart trumps working hard
  • You feel conventional education suffers from irrelevance
  • Your pursuit of the American Dream has grievously become the American Dread
  • You feel that groping blindly at “more things” and a better “job” has lost its thrill
  • You are convinced that life need not be a one-size-fits all template
  • You agree that testing assumptions is necessary before adopting them
  • You feel there is simply more to life than actualizing the status quo

If you’re looking for a no b.s. and candid source of practical ideas to get more from life, then I believe you will fit right in.  I acknowledge that some of my ideas will upset and perhaps offend those who find it unsettling to deviate from tradition. To this group, I apologize.  My objective is not to dissect, disparage, and redesign modern culture.  Hardly.  My intention is to encourage a stimulating and provocative discussion (internally and externally) regarding topics and issues that pertain to the quality of our lives, that for some odd reason appear to be taboo, neglected, and simply not accounted for in our “conventional education” and daily routine.

If this sounds appealing to you, then we welcome you to our community. 

Have a question for me?  To submit a question, go here.

kents-headIn this blog, you can expect to find:

  • Analyses of common misconceptions
  • Stimulating quotes and interviews from uncommon people
  • Tips, thoughts, and reflections about topics such as, success, productivity, education, life, and more
  • Other members of the “uncommon” community who are motivated, intelligent, and supportive

WhatI WILL do:

  • Respect your time.  I will not post anything that does not first pass through my judicious “please-don’t-waste-the-next-two-minutes-of-my-life” informational filter.
  • Promise to be completely honest. Candor + respect = value. Maybe this blog isn’t for the faint of heart after all.
  • Respect your privacy. Email and personal contact info will not be shared with or sold to anyone.

What I WON’T do:

  • Intentionally insult any individual, group, or ideology.
  • Make your bed in the morning.

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