Kent Healy

Welcome. I'm Kent. I think (too much). I write (too little). I share (and people seem to like it). Thousands of them - curious wonderlusts just like you and me. Join us for consistently occasional emails that may just expand your mind & life.

I believe that life is only as interesting as the mind you cultivate. So I created this blog as a mental amphitheatre for myself and thousands of others who want think and act more independently in a world of conformity. In a delightful balance of the esoteric and the pragmatic, I write about topics and ideas to help break the trance of convention we often unknowingly accept, but intuitively reject.

This brief existence is your life — and that makes it uncommon. Do something great with it. Better yet, let’s do it together. In the name of fun and fascination, I hope you join this uncommon community for “consistently occasional” emails that might just expand your mind and life.

About me, Kent Healy:

As a typical teen with a penchant for independence I recognized that my conventional schooling was not offering the skills necessary to do much beyond the ordinary. There was a large gap between academics and the real world (and still is) so I set out to bridge it by learning from sources outside of the classroom. Cue, the life of a budding autodidact.

Along the journey of cramming my head full of advice and data, I somehow authored my first book as a teen and a total of 6 books before age 25.

My appetite for learning has only accelerated over the past 15+ years so I tend to carry with me a lot information about life and its many motley components. This led to the formation of relationships with renowned leaders in the field of personal development and the opportunity to travel and speak around the globe.

When the economy took a nosedive in 2009, I put my own advice to practice, sought opportunity, and lept into real estate investing, which has served me well.

Today I operate my own businesses while seeking to fill my insatiable cranial cravings with insights that help me sustain my own definition of an uncommon life. And some of the things I learn, I like to share with other wonderlusts like myself — so, I write about them here … and in a few other places.

As I said above, life is only as interesting as the mind you cultivate. So, for the pursuit of fun and fascination, I hope you enjoy what you find here. If you’re interested, connect with me on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other portals on the interwebs.



What is an “uncommon life”?
A life measured by your terms, not a yardstick of convention. With a near infinite combination of values, goals, and interests available, a life lived on your terms will almost certainly be unique and uncommon. Developing the mindset that dehypnotizes us from the status quo is the challenge — and my hope is that this blog can play a small role in the solution.

What is a “wonderlust”?
It’s an intellectual wanderlust — a person whose curiosity knows no bounds. Is this an “official” word? Most likely not (and I quite like how that fact adds to the great mystery we call life). Anyone who knows me personally also knows I’m a very curious person. Like so many young children, I too, have a predilection for “Why?” and “Why not?” These questions — and many more — sustain my mental meanderings down uncharted bunny holes of thought … Some of which, I feel, is worth putting in writing.

What is “uncommon musings”?
A brief newsletter of all things thought-provoking in a bullet point format. UM updates are shared between my main articles. You can expect intriguing quotes, interesting reads, comments on current events, recommended resources & products, and other fun surprises. Check out samples here. Subscribe to “Uncommon Musings” email list here.

What’s story behind the logo?
When I designed the logo I wanted to replace the “common” expectation to see the word “common” written out in letters (yawn). As a creative alternative, I used a symbol that represents the essence of the word “common.” In this case, a barcode. A barcode is an indicator of something mass produced, bought & sold — a common commodity, which is everything a wonderlusting human being is not. Fun fact: If you pull out your handy barcode scanner, you’ll see the code will read “common.”

How often do you write?
When I feel inspired or frustrated. Anything in between produces boring content. I also do many things in life so I’m not glued to my keyboard. This is why I post “consistently occasionally.” However, if you want more frequent and brief updates that include quotes, recommended reading, comments on current events, recommended resources, and other fun surprises, be sure to subscribe to my “Uncommon Musings” email list.