Why did you create this blog?

I was certainly not looking for another hobby (I have enough activities underway to coerce a speed junkie to raise a white flag).  Nonetheless, I could not remain a passive voice on the sidelines any longer.  Each passing day I see significant changes taking place in modern society and an alarming number of people still dancing unwittingly to an antiquated ideology – it’s like helplessly watching an unaware fisherman approach the crest of a waterfall.  You want to yell, “Wake up!” while the worst is still avoidable.  So I guess, in some dubious way, this blog is my megaphone.

The truth is, we’re learning that many rules from the past century do not necessarily apply today while simultaneously witnessing the advent of many new rules that have rapidly developed.  But unfortunately, we’re not taught the dynamics of this new game.  And major institutions, not to point fingers still remain stubbornly inflexible in a vacuum of artificial security.  This, of course, encourages most of us to participate in the same game of make-believe: the notion that the safe route is the familiar route – a very dangerous misconception.

But the current circumstances have set the stage perfectly for the Maverick’s era; where thinking different is not only wise, but necessary.  Despite the negative press, there is still a lot of opportunity – especially for those who wake up now and adapt their game plan.  Accordingly, I created this blog to challenge common assumptions of the “old game” and stimulate discussion with smart people like you to discover and apply new tips and tricks to lead a better life.

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Who is this blog for?

This is not a one-size-fits-all blog.  After a couple minutes perusing this blog, you will know if I speak your language or not.  Being respectful is important to me, but so is being honest.  And unfortunately, many people believe these two characteristics are at odds.  I will leave the sugar-coating to the sweet-toothed “politically correct” activist.

This blog IS for you if:

  • You desire more freedom to do what you want, where you want, when you want
  • You cringe at the words: normal, ordinary, conventional, orthodox
  • You want to eliminate excessive stress
  • You wish to expel unnecessary obligations to create more personal time
  • You believe that working smart trumps working hard
  • You feel conventional education suffers from irrelevance
  • Your pursuit of the American Dream has grievously become the American Dread
  • You feel that groping blindly at “more things” and a better “job” has lost its thrill
  • You are convinced that life need not be a one-size-fits all template
  • You agree that testing assumptions is necessary before adopting them
  • You feel there is simply more to life than actualizing the status quo

What does itmean to lead an “uncommon life”?

An uncommon life means not selling out to a massified dream.  Being uncommon requires doing what the common person is not willing to do: daring to be yourself, pursuing what matters most to you, and challenge common knowledge with a questing disposition.  Too many people get “burned” as a result of deluded expectations, complacency, and misguided (often traditional) counsel.  The times are changing and so are the possibilities for an extraordinary journey through life.  What do you think it means to lead an uncommon life?  Share your thoughts in the Open Mic section.

How often do you post entries?

My posting schedule is not based on the lunar calendar, but rather, my level of inspiration and available time.  Fortunately, I get inspired frequently.  With that said, I never “force” myself to write because, well, it comes across as “forced.”  I would much rather bide additional time until I can give each posting the thought it deserves.  You can expect new posts anywhere between 1 – 3 weeks.

Where do you find your inspiration to write your blog posts?

My inspiration is summoned primarily from the following:

  • Daily life: Ideas most often present themselves to me as a result of current events, observing people, and the many experiences I have each day.
  • Successes: Successes also inspire me to share what I discover works well in hopes that others can make use of the same or similar formula/idea.  When things are going well my creativity thrives – a perfect time to channel that energy into writing.
  • Frustrations and Failures: Surprisingly, my dissatisfaction also breeds creativity and inspiration.
  • Existing great writing: Certain authors craft words in a way that inspires me to passionately articulate my own ideas.

With all of this said, writing and blogging is not all rainbows and lollipops.  I have my rough days just like everyone else.  But the way I see it, I couldn’t produce any depth of thought without a contrast of experiences.  Friction and eustress is not a writer’s adversary.  Despite the occasional challenges and my brain’s pouty mental protests, a deep set passion for writing and helping others still brings me back to the keyboard.

What is your blogging philosophy?

I write from the heart and focus on delivering quality (not quantity-based) content.  There are many blogging “rules” I tend to violate with this blog, but, it seems to work, and that is most important.  Maybe in the future, I will write more about this topic.

Where do you live?

I have traveled consistently for the majority of my life but for the time being I have settled in a somewhat predictable pattern.  Due to business, family, and friends, I travel between San Clemente (CA), Manhattan Beach (CA), and Phoenix (AZ).  Most frequently, however, I reside in Manhattan Beach with my fiance.

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Still haven’t answered your question?

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