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Uncommon profile: Natalie Sisson – Candid confessions from a suitcase entrepreneur

Uncommon profile: Natalie Sisson – Candid confessions from a suitcase entrepreneur

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Common: Dreaming of a life of travel while working for yourself.

Uncommon: There are a lot of people who fantasize about traveling the world and working from anywhere on their own schedule. Few people actually do it. Natalie Sisson is one of these adventurous, risk-taking souls. But, according to her, she wasn’t always this way.

We crossed paths on an entrepreneur retreat in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest in 2009.  After learning more about her background and her renewed passion for entrepreneurship, we stayed in contact and I’ve been observing her already impressive list of adventures only grow in number. Today, I’m reaching out to her all the way to Buenos Aires—her newest hotspot (well, for a little while anyway).

KH: In a few sentences, what’s your life story and how did you end up working full time from Buenos Aires?

NS: I’m a Kiwi entrepreneur, passionate about getting more women into business, travelling the world, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. I left New Zealand in 2006 to go and live in London for 2.5 years. Following that I moved to Vancouver, Canada, to play in the World Ultimate Frisbee Championships. I was determined to start my own business after almost 10 years working in the corporate world of brand marketing, product management, and new business development.

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Never get a “real” job – An exclusive interview with Scott Gerber

Never get a “real” job – An exclusive interview with Scott Gerber

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Common: Perilously settling for a trivial job based on advice from a past era.

Uncommon: In many cases, the most common advice is not the best advice. In a world where one week is completely different from the next, we must look at life through a new lens and be prepared to question the conventional advice we’ve been given about how to lead a “successful life.”

What got us to where we are is not necessarily what will get us to where we want to go.  In the following interview, young entrepreneur and author, Scott Gerber, offers his perspective about how to thrive in this new marketplace.

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The “Remotel” Work Excursion – An experiment in productivity

The “Remotel” Work Excursion – An experiment in productivity

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Common: Compromised productivity due to daily distractions and responsibilities.

Uncommon: When it comes to producing quality, creative, and inspired work, I consistently hear 3 common complaints: “I just can’t get uninterrupted, quality time,” and “I try to focus, but there are too many distractions,” and “I have too many daily chores and obligations to focus on what I really want to do.”  … I wish I could just live in a hotel!

These are very real challenges for most for us in the modern the world so when expat-entrepreneur and friend, Darren Olstad, mentioned an unusual life-experiment he was about to undertake, it immediately caught my attention.

What would happen if you left your usual work environment behind and moved into a hotel?

Darren sought to answer this question by booking himself into a hotel for 60 days straight.  Two months later, Darren has found the remote-hotel working experiment (a concept we have appropriately coined: “The Remotel Work Excursion”) so liberating, he has extended his stay for another 30 days. If you’re serious about drawing more from your time and creative faculties, this may be your solution.  Here is Darren’s story…

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Why conventional education is failing us – Interview with valedictorian Erica Goldson (Part 2)

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Common: Realizing that 18+ years of education may not provide the foundation it is said to deliver.

Uncommon:Every so often an individual’s curiosity, frustration, and/or inspiration urges them to break tradition and challenge the status quo.  The goal of such Maverick thinkers is not to appease a subjective moral duty, but rather to encourage others to revisit their assumptions in an effort to avoid complacency, groupthink, or mediocrity.

Sometimes these Mavericks speak a language that the majority immediately understands and other times their ideas are met with opposition, but most importantly, they instigate a new discussion that leads to new ideas.

In my last post, high school Maverick and valedictorian, Erica Goldson, delivered a graduation speech no one expected by encouraging her classmates and the faculty to reexamine the conventional education system and their role within it.  I think it is both inspiring and alarming to watch this growing number high school students step forth to speak out about the quality and “process” of their eduction.

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