Due to an increased number of projects, I cannot take on new clients or groups at this time and provide the value I demand of myself (sigh).  If you invent a time machine, I am your first customer.

Nonetheless, I hope to work with new clients in the future.  If you are interested in my coaching services, please send an email to: with “Coaching” in the title and I will add you to the priority list.

Details about my coaching services:

In a world of constant change, creativity and accountability are keys to producing extraordinary results.  Often, an alternative perspective may help us see new possibilities.  Coaching is no longer restricted to athletes.  Peak performers in all areas of life—academic, athletic, business, music, anything—take advantage of the power of coaching.

Types of coaching I offer:

  • Individual Coaching. I challenge individuals to develop new habits, beliefs, and behavioral patterns to best utilize their potential through engaging systems of accountability and responsibility.  Individuals will better understand themselves, the current market conditions, and how they can maximize their unique gifts.
  • Group Coaching. The desired outcome is the same as above, but the execution differs slightly. After select topics are discussed by yours truly, specific activities and assignments encourage participants to collaborate, push through their comfort zone, and hold each other accountable.
  • Team Coaching (sports teams, academic teams, and organizational teams).  The objective:  learning to work in unison to achieve common goals.

Typically, coaching sessions are held once a week for 1-2 hours, but no coaching relationship is never preordained.  Everyone’s needs are different and therefor coaching programs are customized. For costs and other questions, please email