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Not sure what it is, but I seem to entice others to ask me questions.  I’m completely fine with that because questions serve a valuable purpose.  I enjoy interacting with others – if I didn’t I wouldn’t have created this blog.

A few thoughts on asking questions:

  • On value: I am committed to adding value to the TUL community; so… if I can answer questions that may benefit you I am happy to offer my thoughts.
  • Disclaimer #1: I will be the first to say that just because I have a response to your question does not mean it is correct. Discern my feedback (as you should all advice) under the aegis of your own internal compass. Be yourself.  If you haven’t already, read my post 3 Reasons Why Most Advice Is Bad Advice.
  • Disclaimer #2: I certainly do not intend insult anyone, but I will promise to share my honest opinion (which sometimes propagates some sentimental responses).  However, in my experience I have found the following equation to be true: Candor + Respect = Value
  • Disclaimer #3: If you don’t write me, I can’t offer my personal thoughts.  Despite the rumors, I am not telepathic (although I may be working on it).  Don’t be shy; send me a note. Your emails give me the fuel I need to keep writing.  :)

How to write a good question:

It is not mandatory to comply with the points below, but they may inspire a better response.

  • Who are you? I can’t offer quality feedback without context.  Take 2-3 sentences explaining why your question is important to you/your current circumstances.
  • Bullet points are the new paragraphs.  Please try to keep it brief. (i.e.: Cliff notes are sexy)
  • Include your real name: Offering thoughts to a nameless Internet surfer feels like writing for the wastebasket.  Not cool.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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