[testimonial company=”Internationally best-selling author, columnist and inspirational speaker” author=”Jack Canfield” image=””]I first met Kent when he was writing his first book about four years ago.  It is rare for someone so young to write such a powerful and compelling book. I was fortunate to be able to mentor him during this process, and his unusual persistence, commitment and dedication are qualities that instantly endeared him to me. He has pursued his interest in the psychology of success with a fervor and determination I rarely encounter.  These same qualities are what have propelled him into becoming a major success in the publishing industry at such a very young age.  As a result of Kent’s deep understanding of the principles of success, along with his work ethic and marketing savvy, I asked Kent to co-author a book with me—The Success Principles for Teens. His interviewing and research skills are superb. His ability to assimilate and integrate massive amounts of information and then craft it into a compelling presentation is phenomenal.[/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”student” author=”Shane U.” image=””]You changed my life![/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”student” author=”Ricardo J.” image=””]My greatest learning experience has been meeting Kent Healy. He has been a great inspiration and motivator. The first time I saw him I was like, ‘Great … another guest speaker.’  But I was wrong.  Kent has become more than just a guest speaker; he’s become a role model.[/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”KGO Talk Radio, San Francisco” author=”Joanie Greggains” image=””]After my first radio interview with him (Kent), I was completely fascinated with his grasp on life’s meaning, its challenges, and what it means to take personal responsibility. What has equally impressed me is his ability to communicate with all ages, as has been confirmed by my audience’s response, which is why he has returned as a guest on my show many times. He is always entertaining, energetic, and informative, and every topic is new and exciting. There are few guests who have been able to bring the same consistency of quality to my show. On the phone or in person, his unwavering enthusiasm and self-confidence are evident in all that he says and does. He has a true gift in being able to express himself both verbally and in print in a way that appeals to all ages.[/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”The Wonder Years, author of bestselling, Math Doesn’t Suck” author=”Danica McKellar” image=””]Kent Healy was a delight! I know it’s a good interview when I come away feeling like I’ve really learned something.  Kent’s intellect, insight, and easygoing nature make him a natural.  I’d bet money that we’ll soon be listening to the ‘Kent Healy Radio Show’, and I look forward to being one of his guests.[/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”President, National Charity League, Canyon Chapter” author=”Dorothy Flynn” image=””]Dear Kent, Inspirational doesn’t even begin to describe your presentation at our Canyon Chapter National Charity League mother/daughter meeting.  Phenomenal and awesome is more like it! The ideals and values you stressed are timeless. They are indicators of success. That our daughters heard these from you, as peers, sent a very strong message to them that they can do it.  Your drive and ambition is to be admired. Thank you for your presentation, your meaningful stories of your amazing lives, and for your tremendous inspiration.[/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”Deputy director, Parks Recreation & Neighborhood services, City of San Jose, CA” author=”Cynthia Bojorquez” image=””]Kent, Just wanted to say thank you for your participation in today’s event.  It was obvious that you were a big hit.  As I said, I was blown away by the fact that you were able to get a standing ovation at 3:00 in the afternoon!  You really made a connection with the audience.  I hope you will continue to be part of our programming and look forward to seeing more of your work.[/testimonial]