I’ll retire when I’m dead

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I’ll Retire When I’m Dead: “The ideal is for retirement to be a period of rejuvenation and relaxation. After 40 years of work, people finally get to enjoy their time and hard-earned money. The reality is that it often leads to a severe decline in mental and physical health. Retirement “raises the probability of poor health,” increases difficulties with mobility and worsens mental health … Other studies have found retirees are 40 percent more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than their working peers, and that retirement increases the probability of depression by, coincidentally, 40 percent.” – John McDermott in We Are Mel 

“Every molecule in your brain starts at the end of your fork.” – Drew Ramsey, MD on the new trend, “Nutritional Psychology



What Entrepreneur Gary Vee Learned About Balance From A Dad Who Worked 18 Hours A Day

What worldwide CEOs are reading by McKinsey & Company



“For the first time ever, people who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher now comprise more of the workforce than people with only a high-school diploma.” 

Winning an Olympic medal isn’t guaranteed, but being taxed for that win certainly is.

“Most of the studies of aloe vera’s efficacy boil down to: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”



35 Interface Innovations that Rocked Our World – Interfaces are where humans touch technology.

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