A story about limits (and boundless ambition)

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Early this week I returned from Chicago for my semi-annual mastermind meeting comprising of 6 other young adults whom are both friends and very impressive entrepreneurs. I always do my best to hold myself to a high standard of work and equally great ambition. For years I thought I held myself to the limit of my ability — but that perception was quickly undone when I joined this mastermind group about 3 years ago. I knew the group would be worthwhile, but had no idea the impact would be as significant as it has been.

The sharing of goals, business strategies, challenges, and lessons learned in structured setting creates and exchange of ideas and energy that words cannot adequately explain. If you want more the most from life, I’d go so far as saying it cannot be done without the close camaraderie of other, courageous and ambitious counterparts who both inspire you and hold you accountable to lofty goals. The message is simple: I strongly encourage you to create a mastermind group of your own. There are many great articles available online that can describe how to do this, but I am also happy to answer specific questions you may have.



“In the end, it’s a story about limits. On the one hand, we maximize human potential by creating worlds of our own; on the other, by doing so, we confirm the impossibility of ultimate knowledge about the universe in which we live. Transcendence enforces humility. In the end, the fulfillment of godlike ambition makes the universe harder to know.” – Joshua Rothmans 

“Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity.” – Will Smith, Actor


There is a lot of talk about using data to improve productivity, but this office applied themselves to the goal in a … well, productive way to gather insightful data. But, I can’t help but wonder, how many people are really comfortable with being monitored this closely? 

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