Thankfulness is not the endgame, it’s a starting point

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“I’m not saying we shouldn’t appreciate the good things in our lives. But thankfulness is not the endgame, it’s a starting point. Instead of five minutes of gratitude a day, try spending five minutes a day visualizing what it is you want to kick ass for and how you’re going to get it. Maybe then you’ll really have something to be thankful for.” – Taylor Mayol via Ozy in the provocative article titled, “Screw Gratitude. It’s holding you back!”  (So, is “gratitude is a privilege for those without serious problems” as the author writes?)

Life at 400 years old: “If the nuclear family still existed, it would be recognized as a temporary phenomenon; one phase of many in the lives of those involved.”Stephen Cave, via Nautilus



You’ve heard about Gene Editing and creating a race of “perfect” humans — and perhaps you’ve also heard of Crispr, the technology that does the gene editing. But do you know how it works? Here’s probably the shortest and simplest description… A 2:22 minute video.

The average age of great innovators is older than you think.

Building robots that don’t harm humans is an incredibly complex challenge. Here are the rules guiding design at Google. (I doubt many of us plan to build or program robots. I certainly don’t. But I find articles like this interesting and important because I think such insights will definitely help us better understand and interact with robots in the future — a trend that is happening, and faster than many of us think).


Brazil has increased its prison population by 74 percent between 2005 and 2012…” – Beth McLoughlin via Ozy in Behind the Olympics: Brazil’s dirty incarceration secret

“Only 9% of America chose Trump and Clinton as the nominees.” It may be time for the US to rethink how the current system counts and represents votes.



Want a glimpse inside Brazil AND into the future of technology? Here’s your ticket… A 360 degree guided tour of Rio’s favelas. (You’re not going to want to miss this tour.)


Another evolution in printing: Printing via water tank. Video included. (It’s 1,000 X more fun to watch than you deskjet printer).

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