Open Mic

Too many blogs are monologues. To me, a dialogue sounds much more appealing.  Have a thoughtful idea, concept, quotation, or question you’d like to share with the TUL community?  Well, on this page, I hand the mic to you.  Just make it count.

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What is NOT tolerated here and may result in being permanently exiled from TUL:

  • Shameless promotion
  • Hate speech (negative comments and negative intentions)
  • Really long posts (please keep posts under 250 words)
  • Excessive or destructive swearing

That’s all.  You can do it.  Treat this sacred space and other fellow “pursuers of the uncommon” with respect. Doing something uncommon often involves taking a chance and risking to look like a fool.  Be nice and supportive… we’re in the “trust tree.”

Some questions to think about when posting:

  • What does “uncommon” mean to me?
  • What I have learned that others can benefit from?
  • What is the best, most uncommon advice I have been given?

And now, the mic is yours… Use the “Reply” form below to submit your thoughts.