Kent Healy

Welcome. I'm Kent. I think (too much). I write (too little). I share (and people seem to like it). Thousands of them - curious wonderlusts just like you and me. Join us for consistently occasional emails that may just expand your mind & life.

Looking for a guest speaker?

A dynamic speaker, Kent connects with audiences of all ages.  Since age 19, he has been giving professional presentations to schools, businesses, and other organizations to speak about practical, and often unconventional, strategies for success in this new and erratic global environment we are seeing take shape.

In the world of speaking, the best praise is a return invitation.  And Kent has an impressive record for repeat invitations to be the keynote speaker.  In fact, he has never marketed his speaking services.  All of Kent’s bookings are a result of word of mouth, existing books in circulation, this blog, and personal recommendations — a testament to his unique style and content.

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It is rare to find an exceptional young man whose career aspirations so closely match the journey my own career has taken as an author, entrepreneur, transformational trainer, professional speaker and success coach. As a result of Kent’s deep understanding of the principles of success, along with his work ethic and marketing savvy, I asked Kent to co-author a book with me—The Success Principles for Teens which is based on my current best-selling book, The Success Principles. As I expected, Kent proved to be a diligent co-author.

Kent’s communication skills are superb. His ability to assimilate and integrate massive amounts of information and then craft it into a compelling presentation is phenomenal. I know that Kent will be a valuable leader and asset to any business or institution he works with. The content of The Success Principles program and the other numerous books he has written combined with his extensive experience in working with others make him an outstanding resource for any youth event, business or organization to take advantage of.

Kent has pursued his interest in the psychology of success with a fervor and determination I rarely encounter. His passion to help others and make a difference has been demonstrated over and over by his constant speaking to and leading workshops for non-profit organizations, youth groups and schools. I am totally confident in recommending Kent as a speaker or trainer for your organization.

– Jack Canfield
CEO, The Jack Canfield Companies, Internationally acclaimed speaker and best-selling author. Co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.


Kent is a dynamo! He fills a room with energy and through his own enthusiasm draws out the best in others. He’s focused, clear, motivated, and darn amazing. I think there’s a wise old person hidden in the pleasing disguise of this handsome young man. A great role model and mentor to everyone, young and old. He inspires me constantly!

– Susan Taylor Suchy, Instructor of Sciptwriting, Creative Writing, Literature and Composition, Saddleback Community College


Thank you for your participation in our event.  It was obvious that you were a big hit.  I was blown away by the fact that you were able to get a standing ovation at 3:00 in the afternoon!  You really made a connection with the kids.  I hope you will continue to be part of our programming and look forward to seeing more of your work.

– Cynthia Bojorquez
Deputy Director
Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services
San Jose, CA


Kent was the keynote speaker for Entrepalooza 2012 – a week of activities designed to encourage entrepreneurship in Siouxland. He did a fantastic job – made great points, had a great sense of humor, and connected with the audience. He is truly an entrepreneur as he came up with a new business while preparing for his presentation. Kent was also a delight to work with. He made arrangements easy, was personable, and on-time. We will have him back.

– Judy Thompson, professor and event coordinator at Briar Cliff University


Inspirational doesn’t even begin to describe your presentation at our Canyon Chapter National Charity League mother/daughter meeting last Thursday evening.  Phenomenal and awesome is more like it! The ideals and values you stressed are timeless.  They are indicators of success.  That our daughters heard these from you, as peers, sent a very strong message to them that they can do it.  Your drive and ambition is to be admired.  Thank you for your presentation, your meaningful stories of your amazing lives, and for your tremendous inspiration. With Highest Regards,

– Dorothy Flynn, President, National Charity League, Canyon Chapter


Today I heard your the presentation you gave at the Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Awards dinner. Your speech inspired me so much and I totally related to it!! When I got home and realized one of my presents was your book, I was so exited!! Thank you soooooooooo much!!! I immediately began 2 read it and fell in love with it!! I know that once I’m done reading my life will be changed forever!! I will also make my friends read it because some of them really need a book like this one!!

– Ana, High School student