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The uncommon life realized – 2011 recap & lessons learned

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In 2009, amid the economic downturn and uncertainty, I had the peculiar urge to set some large financial goals, which resulted in diving head first into the previously unfamiliar world of real estate investing. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and worked tirelessly to learn years of real estate insights in 9 months as I bought, sold, and managed a growing portfolio of assets.

2010 was a year of methodical toil, building upon systems and information learned in 2009. Unfortunately, it was not without business turmoil. With my real estate business calculatedly set on autopilot, I returned to school to complete my ‘formal education’ and then quickly started this blog (then called, Learn, Earn, and Don’t Get Burned) as a coping mechanism and outlet for my numerous frustrations regarding conventional education.

In 2011, dissatisfied with the realists’ narrative of the ‘real world,’ I set out to test, challenge, and redefine what was ‘realistic’ – and what a year it’s been.

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Choosing adventure over comfort and convenience – A new New Years theme

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Common: A mundane life of sheltered by comfort and convenience.

Uncommon:My last post got me thinking. With some reflection and assessment I recognized a very surprising personal trend of mine in 2010 that I wish not to repeat.

I refer to this discovery as “surprising” because I see myself as an adventure seeker. I enjoy a change of scenery, a new challenge, and the thrill of experiencing the unknown. But, I’ve realized in 2010 I compromised this intrinsic drive on more occasions than I’d like to admit. And now, I want to put a stop to it.

My decade long quest of researching behavior has taught me that humans are master justifiers (yes, that includes me). Regardless of consequence, we are fully capable of labeling any personal decision or behavior as justifiable. And this rationale can easily detain us a in a pattern of comfort and convenience, slowly and clandestinely keeping us away from our goals and our ideal life. Let me share an example.

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