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Why you should run your life like a start-up company

Why you should run your life like a start-up company

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Common:Feeling stuck or disadvantaged due to a supposed lack of resources.

Uncommon:Starting a successful company is a rush. But let’s first address a common myth about this frenzied process: Most thriving companies did not become successful as a result of ideal circumstances and abundant resources. Yet on some level, many of us believe they somehow had an upper-hand.

The reality is, very, very few businesses have everything they need from inception to build an admirable empire. What then, enables some businesses to prosper while others do not?

Answer: Resourcefulness.  Successful start-up businesses run lean and make calculated decisions to maximize the return on their limited assets.

“But I don’t own a business and don’t plan to?” Fair enough. But don’t shut the door. Why? Founding a company in this instance is merely a parallel to something more important: your “personal business.” It is interesting to see how most people draw distinctively different lines between business and their private lifestyle. Personally, I see many striking similarities.

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I can’t or I won’t? – A common case of self-delusion

I can’t or I won’t? – A common case of self-delusion

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Common: Inaction due to self-hypnosis through seemingly innocent excuses.

Uncommon:“I can’t exercise today.”  “I can’t ask her on a date.”  “I can’t start a business.”  “I can’t make more money.”

You’ve probably heard these claims quite frequently (perhaps even escaping from your own mouth). Personally, I’ve been guilty many times.  The word “can’t” has subtly squirmed its way into countless, well-meaning, personal declarations.
But the simple awareness of our tendency to conveniently mask our hypocrisy can be liberating.

It seems that “can’t” has become a one-step-solution many people use to put their nagging inner-thoughts to rest. After all, once we declare that something cannot be done, there is no need to think about it or worry about it, right?  It’s “outta-mind, outta-sight.”  We can then justify our abdication and retreat with logic: “It’s out of my control.”  “It’s simply not possible.”  What a simple and safe solution… or is it?

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