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Why success has nothing to do with being part of the ‘elite’

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Common: Feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed while trying to win the generic ‘game of life.’

Uncommon: “I appreciate the message you share on your blog Kent,” said Maria in a kind, but uneasy tone, “but what if some people just aren’t cut out for an uncommon life?”

“What do you mean?” I asked digging for specifics.

“Well, the idea of leading an exceptional life is exciting, but it’s also really demanding—and maybe for some, reaching the top tier in certain areas is simply out of their skill set or social caste. Being part of the artist elite or business elite or any elite is tough—that’s why it’s such a small segment of society.”

Maria raised an interesting point, but there was more to it. A few more exchanges made something very clear… she was rationalizing an inner sense of overwhelm, self-doubt, and boredom.

I discovered that she felt living an ‘uncommon life’ was both daunting and senseless. And Maria was definitely not alone in her thinking.

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The Real World Myth – Is someone else’s reality holding you back? (Part 2)

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Common: Subscribing to traditional beliefs about a universal reality with predetermined parameters about what is practical and possible.

Uncommon: From a young age we’re told tales of this daunting place called the “real world.”  It’s a place where practicality always trumps imagination and undaunted ambition.  “Better dream now and enjoy it,” we’re implicitly told, “because when you grow up you’ll realize that things don’t work that way in the real world.”

Advice about the “real world” may come with good intentions, but that doesn’t make it accurate.  What someone else finds true need not become your dogma.

With boundless aspirations emerging as a teen, I encountered many people who tired to rein me into their “real world” with the following cautionary counsel:

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