Be Uncommonly Productive

Talent is overrated. The real difference between those who develop exceptional abilities and lead flourishing lives are those who use their minutes effectively and efficiently.

The challenge is, we’re not told how to maximize our time and consequently, most people squander it. In fact, we are often so surrounded by inefficiencies that we eventually accept them as a customary part of our lives, but I assure you, wastefulness and stress is completely avoidable.

When it comes to productivity, our greatest limitation – and opportunity – is our strategy. And that’s where this book comes in.

In Be Uncommonly Productive, I share 15 unbreakable, paradigm-bending strategies for slaughtering stress, taking charge, and doing more than commonly possible.

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PART 1: Contain & Refrain – This PART is about taking full control of your life—whatever its current state. We’ll restrain any existing chaos, stress, and disorder while reigniting a sense of passion, purpose, and poise. The goal is to put you at the helm of your ship as you lay the rock-solid foundation necessary to enable all other productivity tips, tools, and systems.

1. Manage your time fanatically

2. Only do what matters – And most things don’t matter

3. Procrastinate strategically

4. Set and enforce personal policies

PART 2: Ordain & Ingrain – In this PART we’ll dive deeper into the many things that consume your time and attention while exploring highly practical ways to capitalize on the control you gained in Part 1. We’ll ingrain new knee-jerk habits that keep you in the driver’s seat so you can go from where you are to where you want to be with speed and grace.

5. Become technologically competent and curious

6. Simplify everything

7. Handle tasks and projects differently

8. Timebox everything

9. Master your email

10. Own your phone

PART 3: Maintain & Sustain – In this PART we’ll ensure that all of the skills we’ve learned to this point are both upheld and amplified. Without a strategy for ongoing sustenance, peak performance is merely a flash in the pan. Sustainable productivity requires specific habits, lifestyle choices, and uncommon systems… all of which we explore here.

11. Always seek automation

12. Delegate and collaborate

13. Cultivate and ration your energy

14. Design your environment

15. Schedule non-negotiable time


PART 4: Retain & Ascertain – In this PART I offer a very comprehensive index of more than 50 powerful productivity tools you can start using today. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. These tools will help you retain the new skills learned in this series while simultaneously maximizing your time and effort. As I’ve always said, effort gets you started, but only the right tools, techniques, and skills can spawn extraordinary performance and uncommon results.

Comprehensive resource and tool index


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